Greek Numerology

Greek numerology is still another sort of numerology that’s frequently studied. The gap in this situation is that numerology has a tendency to make reference to divination as opposed to symbolism. There are in fact four distinct varieties of Greek numerology.


Lot divination
Lucky numbers
Psephic techniques
Geomantic technique

Couleur / Pixabay

Bulk Divination

Bulk divination, some times also called cleromancy, was previously perhaps one of the very frequently practiced systems over the primeval world. Practitioners of this machine will be the man who was simply thinking throw dice and choose several from one to ten randomly. The consequent numbers would subsequently be compared with a set of values. This form is thought to be the earliest type of numerology.

Lot Divination

Lucky amounts, sometimes also called dreadful number, were used in precisely the exact same period as a lot divination. Inside this procedure, certain days of this month, two months and possibly even hours were regarded as unlucky. Healthcare and medicine had been frequently connected for the clinic. As an instance, patients could just be bled on days which were regarded as auspicious.

Psephic Methods

This technique is well called gematria. It was created throughout the next century also has been quite popular, especially in the Greek speaking environment. Inside this world letters had been additionally employed for amounts and thanks to the reality every word might potentially be quite a few. Within this technique, names in addition to words are converted into amounts. This has been attained by adding the numeric significance of their letters and subsequently with them amounts to test the near future.